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Cobb County DUI Lawyer

Cobb County DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson

Have you been charged with DUI in Cobb County Georgia?

Being arrested for DUI is a serious problem that required serious and experienced legal help Former DUI Prosecutor Richard Lawson has devoted his legal career to defending DUI case in Cobb County and throughout Metro Atlanta. Do not go it alone.  An attorney represents the State and the Judge is also an attorney.  Hire the Cobb County DUI Lawyers from our office to fight for your right to drive and your freedom.  Never waive your rights until you have consulted with our office.

Every courtroom in Cobb County State Court has an experienced DUI Prosecutor whose job is to convict people accused of DUI and to suspend their driver’s license. Do not take chances with your defense.  Our Cobb County DUI Attorneys fight prosecutors every day and defend the rights of the accused.  No person should ever assume guilt.  Contact a Cobb County DUI Lawyer immediately.  Going it alone can be far more costly.

Our Experience is the Difference:


Richard Lawson started his career almost 20 years ago as a DUI Prosecutor.  As a former Assistant Solicitor General, he was trained by the same people who are prosecuting DUI cases in Cobb County today.  Since being a prosecutor, he has focused his practice on Cobb County DUI Defense.  His experience on both sides of a case has created a tremendous advantage that is used to protect his clients’ rights.

Our office only handles DUI cases and the related traffic offenses that occur during a DUI arrest in Cobb County.  By specializing in DUI defense our office stays laser-focused on the latest defense strategies and case law.  We know how to defend your case and will get you the best possible outcome either through a plea agreement or a trial.

Call the Cobb County DUI Lawyers at our office 24/7.  You only have 10 days to file and appeal to protect your right to drive.  Call now.  Your best defense begins here!

Experience is the Difference

Cobb County dui lawyer


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